We ride in Iran is a project that supports & develops boardsports in Iran.

It all started in March 2013, when Arnaud Cottet & Benoît Goncerut arrived from Switzerland for the first time in the high snowy valleys north of Tehran. They discovered in this area a community vibrant with the same passion of skiing and snowboarding. This was the start of a an adventure that will lead them to continuous trips back and forth from Switzerland to Iran. In close collaboration with the local community, the project started in autumn 2013 under the name We Ride in Iran, with the following goals: freestyle & freeride coaching courses, construction of snowpark, organization of snowboard, ski & skateboard competitions, avalanche course program and filmmaking, producing films such as « Salam Azizam », « We Skate in Iran » or « Dizin Open ».

This has always been happening under the banner of friendship and the love for the boardsports, including activities such as biking, paragliding or climbing. What unifies us is not a specific sport or a specific place, but the values we share together. Over the years, We Ride in Iran has become not only a multisports community, but a huge worldwide family.

Despite the health situation and all the political issues, the community is still living, inside and outside the country, stronger than ever. From the streets of Kerman to the seaside of Baluchistan, from the skateparks of Tehran to the Alborz mountains, we are here every damn day, riding in Iran.